Bisi Alimi- My Politics is Personal

This burden also fails to understand that the person at the point of this discourse is human with feelings and free will.

My activism is personal.

I didn’t come out for an LGBT community, I came out for me.

The source of courage for Bisi Alimi has always been Bisi Alimi. The reason why Bisi Alimi fights has always been Bisi Alimi.

I owe no one my activism, I owe no one an apology.

In this world of activism that is driven by passion and issue, it is so easy to forget why we fight. #MeToo started from personal that became political. When Bayard Rustin asked for “angelic troublemakers”, it was a call to personal that have to political. You have to have a personal understanding to answer Magret Mead call to politically change the world.

I can only give Bisi Alimi and to be able to give Bisi Alimi, I have to make sure, Bisi Alimi understands that to be an effective advocate, his politics has to be personal. A damaged Bisi Alimi is not useful to anyone.




#AngelicTroublemaker. TEDx/Public speaker, @AspenNewVoice & @SalzburgGlobal fellow &@HRC global inovators. Agents @FRESHSpeakers. Contact

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Bisi Alimi

Bisi Alimi

#AngelicTroublemaker. TEDx/Public speaker, @AspenNewVoice & @SalzburgGlobal fellow &@HRC global inovators. Agents @FRESHSpeakers. Contact

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