Tamir Rice

magine a group of Black or brown people gathering in Charlottesville, Virginia, wielding torches and weapons, and chanting hate mantras and explicitly wishing to do harm to other races. The condemnation would have been swift; the consequences instant, law enforcement would have come down. Down and hard.

The FBI 2015…

White Dating Black- Interracial Relationship and White Saviour Complex

Mildred and Richard Loving.

Since the story of Richard and Mildred Loving; one that has been ascribed as the “interracial love that changed history”, interracial relationship has become desirable. We have seen increasing cross-racial romantic love stories breaking down barriers of what it means to…

Bisi Alimi

#AngelicTroublemaker. TEDx/Public speaker, @AspenNewVoice & @SalzburgGlobal fellow &@HRC global inovators. Agents @FRESHSpeakers. Contact bookbisi@bisialimi.com

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